Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well i made it home alright ! the flight was good and the layover in Frankfurt was no big deal ! Both Aud and I came home to see our parents waiting for us, and i got a little surpise! my boyfriend came with my parents ! its been almost a week since we left Greece and boy do we both miss it. it really makes our everyday lives seem so boring. i'm still jet lagged, i get really tired around 3ish and i want to sleep , but i don't. Aud and i are already planning our next trip, hopping maybe next summer and maybe our boyfriends will be tagging along with us. I posted more pictures up and i got a shutterfly account, where all of the pictures will be at. the webshots site i only choose some picture to go on that one while i was there. once i'm done loading them all up i'll post the site .once i post the site that should be my last post for a while, as i'm keeping this blog only for traveling. I will however start a college life blog. i will make sure to give your all the address for that one as soon as I can.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

just one more day :(

well guys this will be the last post that i will be posting in Europe for a while. we leave tomorrow at 2 am for our 6 am flight to frankfurt and then home to DC :) Aud and i are really tired ! we are just dragging our feet at this point ready to come home. its been great but athens is really nothing speical . we had our tour today of it and it was only about 3 hours long and then we had the rest of the day to ourselfs. which all we did was get last minute gifts for everyone, which we ended up buys alot of things for everyone all around in the end of this whole thing, i think between aud and i we have bought at least 15 tshirts. well so you guys know we might long a bit different ( dont worry no tat's or anything ) but aud and i left really really whie and now we are really really tan, we really do look like we have just traveled the world for the past 18 days , plus we might smell like it too :) we were realyl glad that we got to do this with eachother, we have become greater friends because of it ! so pray for a safe return and i'll update once i'm home , for the rest of the family who won't get to see the pictures right away , once i get home i plan on adding the rest of my photos ! see ya and love you all

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

we made it to Athens

alright guys we made it to Athens ! and its a dump ! woot woot . hehe well our hotel room is great ! our beds not so much. i'm really getting home sick but i think thats manly because im sick and crampy. i miss my family, my boyfriend, and my cat ! we arnt doing to much tonight , just eatting dinner and then going out onto a walk around athens. tomorrow we have the tours of athens and then we are going to try and get to bed early tomorrow night. we have to get up and be out by 3 ! boo. well we are going to head back to the hotel and then go out

Ruins today and Athens

well i just hoped on really fast before we leave for the ruins, its about 10 am here and we leave in about 30 min's for the ruins here in Dehpi and then we will be traveling by bus to Athens , where we will be for the next two days ( today and tomorrow ) we have to get up by 2 am so we are at the airport by 4 since our flight is at 6am , i really hope to sleep most of the flight, even though its really hard for me to sleep on planes i think i will be really tired from just everything in general. also i'm going to try harder then normal because i need to stay up on thursday till at least 9pm ( which will be 4 am here ) so i can tackle this jet lag really fast. ok well this is jsut a short update i hope to have more later tonight if i can find a internet spot. greece is pricey when it comes to internet, 2 euro for 30 mins , boo . love you

Ruins today and Athens

well i just hoped on really fast before we leave for the ruins, its about 10 am here and we leave in about 30 min's for the ruins here in Dehpi and then we will be traveling by bus to Athens , where we will be for the next two days ( today and tomorrow ) we have to get up by 2 am so we are at the airport by 4 since our flight is at 6am , i really hope to sleep most of the flight, even though its really hard for me to sleep on planes i think i will be really tired from just everything in general. also i'm going to try harder then normal because i need to stay up on thursday till at least 9pm ( which will be 4 am here ) so i can tackle this jet lag really fast. ok well this is jsut a short update i hope to have more later tonight if i can find a internet spot. greece is pricey when it comes to internet, 2 euro for 30 mins , boo . love you

Monday, June 12, 2006

In greece !

well Aud and i have made it to greece in fine condiction ! we took an over night boat from italy over. let me start back from my last post though from what we have done. we were in Rome which was a mess as you can tell from my last post. it was fun dont get me wrong just alot of things were personally frusrating me because of the internet places and not being able to eat . But all of that is over now. From Rome we left for Naples, were we stayed and went to the beach near there. the beach was just one of the most amazing little places ever. it really seems like the places that are off the beaten track are really the best. i got a bunch of little gift from the area. in that area Lemons are a huge thing. They grow a ton of lemons all over the place, which we got to see a ton of lemon trees. there this lemon drink ( alcholoic drink ) which personal i didn't think was all that great. but the shops in that area where really cute all up and down these paths and such because it was all on a moutian side , like most things are around here. the beach was made of black sand because we were on a volcano. about 8 of us rented boats and went out on a boat, which was alot of fun , it was an amazing veiw from the sea out looking to the moutains. the hotel we stayed in was really an upgrade from Rome ! it was really nice indeed, its a shame we only got to stay there for a day. After that we woke up early for the boat , which left at 2 but we had a 5 hours drive ahead of us. the baot ride was alright. at first i was getting seasick, i think thats because i've never been on a baot/ ship that size and it was a new feeling. Aud and i just hung out on the deck most of the time because our cabin was uber small and smelled of raw sewage. we only got to sleep for a small time because the boat got to greece at 5. so then off to Dephi we went and now we are here. we were going to have another beach day today but there isn't any sun and its kinda rainy. but its sooo beautiful. there moutains all over the place ! its super cute. tomorrow we have a tour of dehpi and then leave for athens. were we end our trip there and i fly home thursday ! its ending so fast ! well i must be off see ya

Friday, June 09, 2006

in rome

im going to write a small amount at this point as im really upset and down right pissed off at this computer, i wrote one huge post and lost it just to rewrite and lose it again i dont have the time to write all that i wrote on it before. i wish that i could just smash this computer outside onto a car. really . sorry for all the anger but its so upsetting. in Rome , where it is very dirty and nasty. all the trash is in the road and people just throw things out on to the grass and walk away with out caring. yesterday we got to see everything in the vactian city ! the sistine chapel was disppointing because it is alot smaller then they really make it out to be. but st peters is really amazing huge and it is really really just breathtaken in size. it uses all the space inside , so its filled with so much art and such. there was a wedding going on as well at the time so that was cool. we saw the peità as well which was really hard to get up to and see, worst then mona lisa. then we took a walk around as just touched base with the coloseum, archs, spanish steps, captial hill, and the roman forums. its really great to go there to old ruins and hear all the storys about them in their time. today aud and i got an early start this morning and took the tram and subway intocentral rome. we went hunting for a altar piece called the estacy of st. theresain a chapel we tracked down, then we were off to see the breathtaking trevifountain ( i skipped out on seeing it last night so aud insisted that she let drag me there to see it, it's exquisite!!), then we explored the pantheon andfound another chapel adorned by dynamic carravagio paintings. after taking abreak for lunch we met up with the rest of our group for a tour through the coloseum and the forum ruins. we roamed around a bit after splitting off from them to get gellati and nab a few souveniers. we leave for pompeii at 7 tomorrow morning but will be there for only a few hours. my sunburn is all gone on my feet and my chest pelled off today. the sheet of skin that peeled off was so large that aud could have drawn on it , really mom you would have loved it . also im running out of monday so if anyone wants to donate.... just kidding sorry its so short iàm just running out of time and im just mad.love you all and i miss you

Thursday, June 08, 2006

our travels to Rome

as i said Florence wasnt anything great, the only plus side of the place was the really great hotel . there was a fleemarket which i believed i said something small about it but let me tell you it was huge ! bigger then anything i have been to. and the great thing about it was that our tour giude told us to alway has for things lower in price because they would give up to something like 20 percent off of the normal price that they said it was. so i got a lot of stuff really cheap ! i got a really really cute purse, a necklece for stacey and i , two shirts, one for me and one for michael, and two bracelets ! all super cute and all super cheap ! the fleemarket told pretty much our whole day well we made it to Rome alright ! On our way there we stopped by in Assisi, which is an amazing little city with and amazing view ! its really a killer veiw of land and of other citys. As most of you know Assisi is home of the franciscans ( spelling ?) and st. franices ( again spelling ?) we got to see this amazing little chapel which held his tomb ( and yes we got to see it ) but the chapel what filled with Groittos frescos from wall to way. it was really breath takening. We got into Rome pretty late into the day , i think it was around 7 , and we left the hotle at 8 for dinner but then ended up just coming back. so so far we havnt seen anything in Rome as of yet, but we really cant wait because we know that there is going to be so much to do ! iàm really happy because there is a load of internet places here, more then the last place. so i will be able to update ! i have a confession to make , which i made to audery today and she laughed. while she is trying to learn the words in italian and speak them to the italians i just spell the english words with an italian accent ! it works !hehe well more to be posted about tomorrow no doubt and pictures i hope soon ! alright well much love to you all !

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

By the way

by the way our phone cards donàt work here , we realised that they are for france only ! sorry !

oh my look at david !

ok one note to my mom : we werent adding to get 62 those numbers were all random and we just wanted to show you that its costly to pee ! it was a joke ....haha. Happy late Birthday to you mom ! we are having fun we have mainly been shopping in the fleamarket and eating Gellato. We got to see the Duome and we had a boring short guided tour ! we really cant wait till Rome ! one thing great about it here is the hotel, our rooms are kick butt ! My sunburn is going down thank god ! Aud and i are splitting for a little while while she goes to the museum while i go back to the hotel, we will meet back for dinner ! pasta yum yum ! thats all for now, internet is very pricy ! chow

Monday, June 05, 2006

in italy !

aud and i made it to italy just alright, even after a long day of travels. we got to see a whole lot from our seats in our bus and we did get to see the leaning tower of pisa ! which i might say that i found the prefect gift for dad ! yay . one thing though there arent very many internet cafes here in Florence so i might not be able to post for the next two days but donàt worry ! i will make sure to post as soon as i can ! we are having a whole bunch of fun though bathrooms cost money so aud and i made this up travel guides = $ 16 hotel for one night = $ 50 useing the bathroom, (without a toilet seat) = $62 gonig to Europe with best friend = priceless hehe thats our joke , so live on that for the next few days and enjoy your free use of toilets ! Chow ! ps at least your toilet doesnt spray water at your ho ha

Sunday, June 04, 2006

update on sunburn

i might have sun poison m its going to blister bad , and worst of it all its on my feet .....it hurts painfully

update on sunburn

i might have sun poison m its going to blister bad , and worst of it all its on my feet .....it hurts painfully

a little burnt but all good

man oh man what a hard day , i had to left my hand to summon my man-servant ! :) today was such a great day . Aud and i got up early so we could head off to the market place and have a look around. we got some fruit for lunch to take since we knew we would be chilling at the beach all day. we went back to the hotel for about an hour and then we went off to the beach where we got our chair , towel , umbralla ( spelling ? ) and our man-servant :) which i might add were eyecandy to us :) we read our books and got our pina's ( which i might had had way to much of a kick to them ) we sun bathed for about 5 hours, just laying around listening to music, reading. we got up in the middle of that and walked around this cheese/ meat tented market to get some free food for lunch ( they were handing out samples ). i think we both fell asleep a little, which means it was that good! i got in the water for a little while , i mean really how can you say no to blue water ! it was a bit cold but so nice ! one thing nice about Nice is that they don't have bug's or jelly fishes ! the water isn't as salty either ! so it really just makes for an all around great time ! i don't even know if i want to go to the beach as a family anymore because i have higher standards now ! :) after that i just stayed chill in the hotel doing nick nack things and then i'm off to bed , aud when up to the castle hill thing and she should be back soon ! i updated more pictures because yesterday i only had Aud's photos on me i forgot mine tomorrow we head out of Nice and we visit Pisa on our way to Florence. i think there might be a few other little stop here and there to see things so i will keep you updated tomorrow. again as also i never know if i'm going to be near a internet spot so if you don't here for me don't worry ! i'm in florence for two days before we head out to Rome ! "that is all for now there isn't anymore" ( guess whats that from and yes we got to see the garden that these little girls walked in ( in two stright lines ) ) :) yea i know i really gave it away !

Saturday, June 03, 2006

updated pictures

http://community.webshots.com/user/basketballfaith there is the site for the updated pictures enjoy !

I've seen way to many boobs today ...

who knew that Nice's beaches were mostly topless ! oh and great news i found a internet place with american keyboards so i can type fast ! yay ! you have no idea how joyful i am for that. Well today has been such a great day. it started really earlyer this morning, having to get up at 6 after going to bed around 1, good times. we took the speed train to Nice ( still in france which i don't think my sister knows ) and Nice is so nice !!! no really this has been so far my favorate place to be. i think it really helps that its so relaxing and very warm. our hotel is very close to the shore, which by the way the beach is amazing. even though its still a pebbled beach the waters are so blue and warm ! tomorrow we plan on spending alot of time there relaxing. more on that later. after we went to the beach on our walking tour of the Nice we got into the " old Nice" which is just filled and i mean filled ,and not filled like new york filled, with one huge street fair ! and its not like a new york street fair where only the first 5 booths are different, ever booth is different ! i have pictures to show you the street fair, and really its by far one of my favorate things because everything is so cheap and very cool lookings. i didn't buy anything yet but i plan to tomorrow. tonight aud and i ate at a really nice place, where she got the Salmon and i got steak ! we also got salad and sweets ! which were divine ! it ended up being kinda pricy but we really didnt care we were having the time of our lives ! after that we roamed the streets looking at all the booths. tomorrow night we are planned to wake up early to go to the farmers market in the morning ( which we are told that its really great ) and then spending the day at the beach where all of use as a group are going to be pampered ! we are all getting cushined chairs , lockers, towels and our own person servant to serve us drinks for the day ! all while we sun bath and enjoy the blue blue water. after that aud and i planned to go up to this castle to see the sun set , theres a water fall there and everything so we should be able to get some great pictures. even though today wasn't very busy it was one of the best !i'm updating the pictures so just go to the same site as before i will have paris pictures from both aud and i and i should have my Nice pictures if i have time to post them ! so enjoy ! i will write more later ! chow chow by the way can you see how much more i type when i have an american keyboard ! hehehe

Friday, June 02, 2006

travels tomorrow

so after a long day of fun we shall rest and travel tomorrow to Nice. i just want to say sorry for the bad grammer and spelling, which i noticed today as i was rereading. cant be to bad as people are still reading . today like i said was a good day. we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre, which after i lst posted i ended up spending about two more hours there. after that i went to see the tower at night in all of its glory. i also ate some more sweets. they are so good. i got this orange puff/ cream cookie small cake it was divine. ah what a day, roaming the louvre and eatting sweets. also today i tried one of the public toliets. that was new. they werent bad, they were free and clean. our guide told us this story about how they clean/ bleach the,selfs ever 15 mins and how a girl got killed because she was still in them when the bleached down. now they open up evrey 15 min even if your doing your thing for all the world to see. thank god that didnt happen to me. well depending on what happens tomorrow i might have pictures of paris up. tomorrow we jump on the high-speed TGV train to Nice, on the French Riviera, so i dont know if ill be able to jump online or not but i hope to keep you all posted. Chow

My mind is filled with art

oh ya the louvre is amazing and also just really insane in size. its so big. and i mean its prolly bigger then the whole city of westminster hehe .great news as well the rain is gne and im slowly getting use to the new keyboard. today we went on a bus tour around the city, and we got to see so much. even though the city is not very clean its still a very cool place, tns of street shops and street shows. though i think there is more hype about it then there really shuld be. we went in to norte dame which was alot smaller then you might think. the eiffel tower makes it up thugh with its size. my favorate thing though is the bread nd the sweets, its a real wonder how these women tay small. the people here are nice though nce you say something in france and then ask for english they understand and are very willing to help you. pick pocketers are a real problem though nothing of mine or Auds has been taken but we have seen alot of it happening, our tour guide protects us fro, it as well when we are with him, aka chashes them away. well i lan on writting more later tonight, this was only a stop to rest my feet, i hope to have pictures up as soon as i can

Thursday, June 01, 2006

oh we we are in paris

so i dont know how long i will be able to type on this keyboard here because all the letters are all over the place and nothing is the same on it. its very hard to type on. we made it safely to paris. it is a very dirty city but i think that it didnt help that it was raining alot of the day and just very just very mushy all around. our hotel is really nasty and honetly i think i might get some sort of sickness from it who knows. but we took a walking tour today and it was fun . we got to see so much already but i really cant wait for to,orrow. i think im going to end this now because its taking forever to write on this keyboard. many great things are happening