Tuesday, June 06, 2006

oh my look at david !

ok one note to my mom : we werent adding to get 62 those numbers were all random and we just wanted to show you that its costly to pee ! it was a joke ....haha. Happy late Birthday to you mom ! we are having fun we have mainly been shopping in the fleamarket and eating Gellato. We got to see the Duome and we had a boring short guided tour ! we really cant wait till Rome ! one thing great about it here is the hotel, our rooms are kick butt ! My sunburn is going down thank god ! Aud and i are splitting for a little while while she goes to the museum while i go back to the hotel, we will meet back for dinner ! pasta yum yum ! thats all for now, internet is very pricy ! chow


Anonymous Dawn Morgan said...

Hello girls!!!! Glad you've enjoyed a great hotel in Florence. Aud, we saw Mr. Boehne tonight at Campus Night and told him where you are - traveling with Sam in Europe!! He's so excited for you!!! Jeremiah had his art piece purchased by the school tonight and he did receive scholarships. PTL!!!!!

How are your museum visits?

Thanks Sam for the time you're taking to let us know a LITTLE of where and what you're enjoying on your adventure. :-)

Mom Morgan

10:39 PM  

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