Saturday, June 03, 2006

I've seen way to many boobs today ...

who knew that Nice's beaches were mostly topless ! oh and great news i found a internet place with american keyboards so i can type fast ! yay ! you have no idea how joyful i am for that. Well today has been such a great day. it started really earlyer this morning, having to get up at 6 after going to bed around 1, good times. we took the speed train to Nice ( still in france which i don't think my sister knows ) and Nice is so nice !!! no really this has been so far my favorate place to be. i think it really helps that its so relaxing and very warm. our hotel is very close to the shore, which by the way the beach is amazing. even though its still a pebbled beach the waters are so blue and warm ! tomorrow we plan on spending alot of time there relaxing. more on that later. after we went to the beach on our walking tour of the Nice we got into the " old Nice" which is just filled and i mean filled ,and not filled like new york filled, with one huge street fair ! and its not like a new york street fair where only the first 5 booths are different, ever booth is different ! i have pictures to show you the street fair, and really its by far one of my favorate things because everything is so cheap and very cool lookings. i didn't buy anything yet but i plan to tomorrow. tonight aud and i ate at a really nice place, where she got the Salmon and i got steak ! we also got salad and sweets ! which were divine ! it ended up being kinda pricy but we really didnt care we were having the time of our lives ! after that we roamed the streets looking at all the booths. tomorrow night we are planned to wake up early to go to the farmers market in the morning ( which we are told that its really great ) and then spending the day at the beach where all of use as a group are going to be pampered ! we are all getting cushined chairs , lockers, towels and our own person servant to serve us drinks for the day ! all while we sun bath and enjoy the blue blue water. after that aud and i planned to go up to this castle to see the sun set , theres a water fall there and everything so we should be able to get some great pictures. even though today wasn't very busy it was one of the best !i'm updating the pictures so just go to the same site as before i will have paris pictures from both aud and i and i should have my Nice pictures if i have time to post them ! so enjoy ! i will write more later ! chow chow by the way can you see how much more i type when i have an american keyboard ! hehehe


Anonymous Dawn Morgan said...

Wow ladies, Nice looks beautiful!!!! The trees, sun, water, beach - all look relaxing. Your own servant to bring you drinks????? Now that's relaxing. :-)

Your dinner looked scrumptous - Enjoy!!!!!!!

Mom Morgan

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

To Princess Audrey of Philadelphia and Princess Samantha of Westminster: How wonderful to have such a place in the middle of your travels. May your sunscreen work,your drinks be good, your top stay on and your servant be a good looking man! hehe Thanks for taking us on this journey with you through this blog, I guess technology isn't such a bad thing afterall. Looking forward to your next entry. I love you guys, Mom

7:01 AM  

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