Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ready to go to bed but ...

I'm so tired after today ! but aud and i had a bunch of fun. i do plan on posting some pictures for all of you to see. all day i was thinknig boy i'm going to post a long post but now i'm so tired that i don't want to :) so aud and i had a very long day. out day started our with a bus tour by going to st paul's and then around the city and then it ended at the queens pad. then aud and i got on the tube and rode it to the pixar thing i've been talking about. it was on £7 for us ( which we thought it was going to be £9 but we are students !) so that was soooo cool , and ever aud enjoyed alot more then she thought she would. there was thing toy story thing where it was a wheel and you saw you know woody and buz and the aliens all sculpted out many things , each one doing somethnig a little different , like a flip book. then the wheel would start turning and you would see them move but then it got really fast to the point you couldn't see them. but then the stobe light started and what that did was show each one in its place doing the whole flip book thing, it was crazy i sdon't even know how to discribe it but it was great ! there were a whole bunch of really cool things there as well, by far one of the coolest things i've seen. i got some neat things from there as well, even something for my sister that i will give her if she agrees to let me use it as well :) after that we went to the tate modern, which we eneded to spend like 2 hours at looking at a bunch of art, that was ok, aud enjoyed more then i did i think. after that we went to the globe and it was close though, so we ended our day at a pub, since we didn't get to go to one last night. she got fish and chips and a beer and i got bangers and mash and a beer. it was really good but the conversation was better. we chatted our heads off ! all in all it was great day ! we also found a tea place which i was worried we wouldn't find one. one thing we didn't find were stamps. i worte out post cards but i'm not gonig to be able to send them till i get to pairs oh well so tomorrow we are leaving for paris ! we have to get up by like 6 am and be out by 7:30 !! we are taking a 9:15 train over to paris which puts us getting there around 1 and into our hotel around 2 ! i can't wait to go but i really don't want to leave england :( we have had great weather over here and its so much fun ! ok well i'm going to pos tmy pictures on my other site and once those are done i'm going to post the site on here for you all to look. i got aud's memory card as well so your going to have lots of pictures to look at !


Anonymous Michael said...

Now that sounds like a day! London must be amazing too! I hope Pixar really was a blast, that sounds like a great spot to get a backstage pass if you can. Cant wait to read more!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

That's great, I'm sure it's better this time because you have someone to share it with. Love ya, Mom

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Scott Morgan said...

Audrey and Samantha:
Blimey! You two blokettes are having a great time in the Her Majesty's realm, while we Yanks are sweating to death here in steamy PA. Sounds like you're seeing a lot of great sights. The photos are terrific! Good news from a foreign country is like a glass of cold water on a hot day. Have fun! We're praying for you both.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Scott Morgan said...

Oh yes, one more thing...Audrey, we gave Sam's blog address to your grandparents. They may be following your adventures along with us. ;-)
Love, Dad

9:34 PM  

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