Tuesday, May 30, 2006

London Calling

Well we made it to London alright ! After a rough overnight flight, which dinner and breakfest were provided :) , we landed safely in London. It took us no time to find our giude either which made us very happy. All is well in London is still the same, one thing though we went to a my first pub from the last time i came only to see them taking down the sign and putting a new one up :( how sad. we have already found a bunch of funny postcards to send out so beware ! hehe. so not much is going to happen today. we will meet back up with our group for dinner and other then that we have a free day today. we will prolly go out to a pub or something at night and then go back and sleep. tomorrow we are having a giuded tour of London to visit all the sites and then after all of that we have free time, were i think we are going to go see some art work and go to the pixar thing. Alright well really not much has happned yet so lets me make something happen so i can post most news when it happens ! Cheers !


Blogger Lucy said...

Hey, just come across your blog. Your trips sound like so much fun, as I'm not going away this summer.
Hope you have a great time over here!
Keep posting.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Michael Evans said...

Great Love! I bet anything I'm a recepient of one of those postcards :P. Love you anyways. Im just happy I found this blog thing, nice that I kept the link!

Now, on the pub note, lets not get too wasted, I know how women like British accents. Have fun though!


9:04 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Glad you made it there okay!! Have lots of fun. Take lots of pictures!!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Dawn Morgan said...

Hello Sam and Audrey in London, England!!!!!!!!! Wow, girls - it's a joy to hear you're there safely and off to see some sights. :-)

Mom Morgan

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Hi sweety, I like this blogging thing. Did you go to the Pitar thing? This is a great way to log your trip and the comments people are making. Your memory of this will last a life time, and am glad Aud is with you to share in it. You should print this all out when you get home. I love you both. Mom

6:26 PM  

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