Sunday, April 02, 2006

Travels in May

Ok i've really forgot that I have this blog and now that i've re-found it I plan on using it more, and yes I know I say this at least a few times a year for all my blogs, xanaga and livejournal, but I really am. This one is going to be all about my traveling trips. I also think i'm going to make a blog about my life at Messiah College but that will happen once I get there of course. So on to what I will be doing in May, i'm going to Europe for 18 days with one of my closes friends Audery. We are leaving in the end of May like I said and we arn't coming back for three weeks. We are starting in England and then going over to France fro a few days as well , then Italy and ending then lastly in Greece. I can't wait for all of it, even more so because its in the summer. but yea this will be the blog i plan on posting in while i'm over there so all my friends (I bet two people will look at this ) can read whatsd going on. Plus this is a way for me to document my trip. alright well more to be up later about it.


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