Wednesday, May 31, 2006

With a full belly we start our day!

So Aud and I decided to stop by the internet cafe' before we started our day of full fun ! we found out last night that we have a leaky bathroom. it seems that water is coming out of our ceiling light, so we can't turn on the light. we told the front desk but honestly i don't think they can do anything about it. i just hope that the ceiling doesn't come down on us. We both slept very well in our beds, considering how tired we were we both slept like logs. we today on our big planned out day we have a bus tour around London and then we plan on going to the globe and seeing the pixar thing today. So all of you who commented we havn't seen it yet. i sure hope we find the time to ! I'm running out of cash fast so i might have to use a ATM for a little cash, most places only take cash in city which is really really odd to me. most of the places that do take card you must be spending at least 10 pounds or more to use it. i forgot to add the little comment about the veggie guy at the airport. aud and i saw the crazyest thing and that was they were going through peoples bag and there was one whole suitcase filled with loose veggies, like carrots , lettuce, and other random veggies. it was kinda gross in that one they were all loose and it looked like the mother load of house salads and two the fact that the smell want so rank ! so yea i just wanted to share that little story with you all ! alright well i'll make sure to post more later. have a great day you sleeply heads!


Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Good morning full bellies and salutations from Maryland! So what was for breakfast this morning. I'm sure the hotel people will look into the water problem, it sounds like a problem that will grow and grow if not taken care of. I can't wait to here about your day tonight. Love to both, Mom

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

I guess you didn't dig into the salad - yuck!!!

I really hope you make it to the Pixar thing - I want to hear all about it (and hopefully a souvenier - hint, hint)

11:15 AM  

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