Tuesday, May 30, 2006

48 hours of no sleep later...

Yes thats right folks i havn't slept in 48 hours. i never got any sleep on the plane, but thats mainly because i was distracted by all the movies to choose from on the flight. we each hah our own screen to watch 9 different movies !! Aud slepted for about 2 hours on the plane, she was lucky. So today we ended up having to get a tube pass to go to dinner, which were really good hamburgers ! so aud and i ended up just seeing the sights , big ben , parlament, westminster abby , covent garden, and piccadilly. then we ended the day with chocolate cake and tea :) i'm a little worried that i might not be able to send the post cards from here as its very hard to find a place to buy stamps and not only that but to buy a phone card, i might just wait till france to get the phone card anyways. its hard to believe that we are in england ! everything seems so normal here, almost like we are still in the states. The hotel that we are in is , ok , not the greatest, it looked better in the pictures but the bed is kinda way to soft and the pillows really stink ! We tomorrow we are planed to go on a bus tour of the city and then we are free to do whatever we want. Aud wants to go to the globe and to a service at westminster abby. there really is much that i want to do , i want to buy stamps ! i'm happy to report that there is a cyber cafe right across my hotel , as i can't seem to get the PSP to pick up much of anything in the area\9 everything is password protected ! ) i lvoe london , i think i could live here ! if only there didnt have to be a plane ride to get here, the plane right was really really bumpy and it was making me sick, sad part is i have to get on two more planes to get back home :( maybe i'll just stay here. I'm taking alot of pictures and i will plan to start uploading them to my webshots account ( which i will share with you all once i get the pictures up and running for everyone to see \0 i brought my picture uploader with me . ok well much love to all i'm going to bed as its 10:30 pm here chow !


Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Hope you slept well my little princess. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the blog connection going, I think it wonderful. Love you both, Mom

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

How was the Pixar thing?

7:30 PM  

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