Friday, June 02, 2006

travels tomorrow

so after a long day of fun we shall rest and travel tomorrow to Nice. i just want to say sorry for the bad grammer and spelling, which i noticed today as i was rereading. cant be to bad as people are still reading . today like i said was a good day. we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre, which after i lst posted i ended up spending about two more hours there. after that i went to see the tower at night in all of its glory. i also ate some more sweets. they are so good. i got this orange puff/ cream cookie small cake it was divine. ah what a day, roaming the louvre and eatting sweets. also today i tried one of the public toliets. that was new. they werent bad, they were free and clean. our guide told us this story about how they clean/ bleach the,selfs ever 15 mins and how a girl got killed because she was still in them when the bleached down. now they open up evrey 15 min even if your doing your thing for all the world to see. thank god that didnt happen to me. well depending on what happens tomorrow i might have pictures of paris up. tomorrow we jump on the high-speed TGV train to Nice, on the French Riviera, so i dont know if ill be able to jump online or not but i hope to keep you all posted. Chow


Anonymous Stacey said...

Hi Samantha,

Keep this comment private please!

Sorry to hear about Michael's brother - please send my condolances. It made me think of how much I love you -You MUST keep this private:)

Anyway, how funny would it have been if the door flew open - I bet they have cameras - like at the roller coasters for those prime moments.

Enjoy Italy - the Food Network says you must try the pizza, gelato, and probably everything else.

Love ya!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Dawn Morgan said...

Hi Sam and Audrey!
Your day sounded so awesome! Are you still pinching yourself that you're seeing these great sights in person? :-) How long were you at the Louvre?

The sweets sound delicious!

We love you and enjoy the train ride and Nice!!!!!

Mom Morgan

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Nice should be a relaxing place so you girls can catch up on your rest and drink in life before the hectic pace in Italy. (take note that I avioded "Nice should be nice" phrase). Love Mom

10:03 AM  

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