Thursday, June 01, 2006

oh we we are in paris

so i dont know how long i will be able to type on this keyboard here because all the letters are all over the place and nothing is the same on it. its very hard to type on. we made it safely to paris. it is a very dirty city but i think that it didnt help that it was raining alot of the day and just very just very mushy all around. our hotel is really nasty and honetly i think i might get some sort of sickness from it who knows. but we took a walking tour today and it was fun . we got to see so much already but i really cant wait for to,orrow. i think im going to end this now because its taking forever to write on this keyboard. many great things are happening


Anonymous that girl who is traveling with Sam said...

I'm already a horrible typist, these keyboards make me even more painfully slow...

but to add to Sam's words, Paris is so romantic (dirty in some parts) and quite breathtaking! we have many stories all ready and an interpretive dance in the making! xoxoxoxox
much love to all even you,Sam

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

I can't wait to see the interpretive dance. Didn't you think London was dirty? I remember when I was there, I started blowing my nose, and what came out was black!!! I guess it was all that smog I was breathing in, although it didn't look smoggy. Is Paris that dirty? What a shame. How about the people? Are they as snotty as they are portrayed? Boy, I have a one track mind tonight.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

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4:31 AM  
Blogger Joan Fairbrother said...

Hi Sam, I started to write to you last night during a thunderstorm - and in the middle the power went off. It was off for 10 hours - just came back on this morning at 5:30. So I'm back on while Uncle Gary gets our breakfast. We were dying for rain and finally got it - 3 inches!!!

I'm off to Aunt Din's today for the weekend - she has been reading your journal and today I'll show her how to look at the photos.

I loved the "Supergirl" one. The photos of the pubs made me homesick.

Give Paris another chance in the sunshine, especially away from your grotty hotel. When you get back I'll tell you some true stories of your Mom and me in Paris.

Continue to have fun - and be safe.

Love, Aunt Joan

6:23 AM  

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