Friday, June 02, 2006

My mind is filled with art

oh ya the louvre is amazing and also just really insane in size. its so big. and i mean its prolly bigger then the whole city of westminster hehe .great news as well the rain is gne and im slowly getting use to the new keyboard. today we went on a bus tour around the city, and we got to see so much. even though the city is not very clean its still a very cool place, tns of street shops and street shows. though i think there is more hype about it then there really shuld be. we went in to norte dame which was alot smaller then you might think. the eiffel tower makes it up thugh with its size. my favorate thing though is the bread nd the sweets, its a real wonder how these women tay small. the people here are nice though nce you say something in france and then ask for english they understand and are very willing to help you. pick pocketers are a real problem though nothing of mine or Auds has been taken but we have seen alot of it happening, our tour guide protects us fro, it as well when we are with him, aka chashes them away. well i lan on writting more later tonight, this was only a stop to rest my feet, i hope to have pictures up as soon as i can


Anonymous Dad said...

I really enjoy reading your daily journal, I think i'm having as much fun as you. Anyway the great room is a mess and oatmeal has been watching the goings-on like a hawk, she misses you as your mother and I do. Enjoy yourself, be safe and know know that we love ya, lots of hugs and kisses, dad

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Tell me more about the bread and the sweets!! I wish there was a way that you could send it to me - immediately!!

I am glad it is sunny today. Have a great one!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

It was good to hear your voice this morning. I guess I know the order of things though, you only called me because you couldn't get ahold of Michael. Thats ok I'll take what I can get. Did the groceries Wednesday and spent half my normal, so while your spending I'm saving for a change.
I can't beleive the differences at the Louve over 30 years. How did Audrey enjoy seeing the masters. I'm sure with all her schooling she was looking at them a little differently then you or I would. Looking forward to reading more tonight. Love you girls! Mom

2:37 PM  

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