Monday, June 05, 2006

in italy !

aud and i made it to italy just alright, even after a long day of travels. we got to see a whole lot from our seats in our bus and we did get to see the leaning tower of pisa ! which i might say that i found the prefect gift for dad ! yay . one thing though there arent very many internet cafes here in Florence so i might not be able to post for the next two days but donàt worry ! i will make sure to post as soon as i can ! we are having a whole bunch of fun though bathrooms cost money so aud and i made this up travel guides = $ 16 hotel for one night = $ 50 useing the bathroom, (without a toilet seat) = $62 gonig to Europe with best friend = priceless hehe thats our joke , so live on that for the next few days and enjoy your free use of toilets ! Chow ! ps at least your toilet doesnt spray water at your ho ha


Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Man you must be on an American key board cause your typing stinks and $16. + $50. = $66. not $62. but your still priceless to me. How are your hot feet? The art is good in Florence as well. Enjoy the pizza. Love Mom

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

3 more days of school and counting down!!! Wish I was in Italy with you and Audrey - you will be having a lot more fun than I am putting everything in the classroom away.

Oh, by the way, I'm getting a dog - I hope to have her by this weekend.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

that's cause it wasn't a toilet hun, it was a boudeé (spelling?) (pronounced boo-day) Hope you are having fun. I had no clue you were going to Europe until your dad told me sunday when I was home. Guess I will talk to you when you get back. Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite parts of the world (nice & paris) be careful and don't do anything i wouldn't do ;) ~*Rebecca*~

12:07 AM  

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