Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ruins today and Athens

well i just hoped on really fast before we leave for the ruins, its about 10 am here and we leave in about 30 min's for the ruins here in Dehpi and then we will be traveling by bus to Athens , where we will be for the next two days ( today and tomorrow ) we have to get up by 2 am so we are at the airport by 4 since our flight is at 6am , i really hope to sleep most of the flight, even though its really hard for me to sleep on planes i think i will be really tired from just everything in general. also i'm going to try harder then normal because i need to stay up on thursday till at least 9pm ( which will be 4 am here ) so i can tackle this jet lag really fast. ok well this is jsut a short update i hope to have more later tonight if i can find a internet spot. greece is pricey when it comes to internet, 2 euro for 30 mins , boo . love you


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