Thursday, June 08, 2006

our travels to Rome

as i said Florence wasnt anything great, the only plus side of the place was the really great hotel . there was a fleemarket which i believed i said something small about it but let me tell you it was huge ! bigger then anything i have been to. and the great thing about it was that our tour giude told us to alway has for things lower in price because they would give up to something like 20 percent off of the normal price that they said it was. so i got a lot of stuff really cheap ! i got a really really cute purse, a necklece for stacey and i , two shirts, one for me and one for michael, and two bracelets ! all super cute and all super cheap ! the fleemarket told pretty much our whole day well we made it to Rome alright ! On our way there we stopped by in Assisi, which is an amazing little city with and amazing view ! its really a killer veiw of land and of other citys. As most of you know Assisi is home of the franciscans ( spelling ?) and st. franices ( again spelling ?) we got to see this amazing little chapel which held his tomb ( and yes we got to see it ) but the chapel what filled with Groittos frescos from wall to way. it was really breath takening. We got into Rome pretty late into the day , i think it was around 7 , and we left the hotle at 8 for dinner but then ended up just coming back. so so far we havnt seen anything in Rome as of yet, but we really cant wait because we know that there is going to be so much to do ! iàm really happy because there is a load of internet places here, more then the last place. so i will be able to update ! i have a confession to make , which i made to audery today and she laughed. while she is trying to learn the words in italian and speak them to the italians i just spell the english words with an italian accent ! it works !hehe well more to be posted about tomorrow no doubt and pictures i hope soon ! alright well much love to you all !


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