Monday, June 12, 2006

In greece !

well Aud and i have made it to greece in fine condiction ! we took an over night boat from italy over. let me start back from my last post though from what we have done. we were in Rome which was a mess as you can tell from my last post. it was fun dont get me wrong just alot of things were personally frusrating me because of the internet places and not being able to eat . But all of that is over now. From Rome we left for Naples, were we stayed and went to the beach near there. the beach was just one of the most amazing little places ever. it really seems like the places that are off the beaten track are really the best. i got a bunch of little gift from the area. in that area Lemons are a huge thing. They grow a ton of lemons all over the place, which we got to see a ton of lemon trees. there this lemon drink ( alcholoic drink ) which personal i didn't think was all that great. but the shops in that area where really cute all up and down these paths and such because it was all on a moutian side , like most things are around here. the beach was made of black sand because we were on a volcano. about 8 of us rented boats and went out on a boat, which was alot of fun , it was an amazing veiw from the sea out looking to the moutains. the hotel we stayed in was really an upgrade from Rome ! it was really nice indeed, its a shame we only got to stay there for a day. After that we woke up early for the boat , which left at 2 but we had a 5 hours drive ahead of us. the baot ride was alright. at first i was getting seasick, i think thats because i've never been on a baot/ ship that size and it was a new feeling. Aud and i just hung out on the deck most of the time because our cabin was uber small and smelled of raw sewage. we only got to sleep for a small time because the boat got to greece at 5. so then off to Dephi we went and now we are here. we were going to have another beach day today but there isn't any sun and its kinda rainy. but its sooo beautiful. there moutains all over the place ! its super cute. tomorrow we have a tour of dehpi and then leave for athens. were we end our trip there and i fly home thursday ! its ending so fast ! well i must be off see ya


Anonymous Stacey said...

I hope you are taking lots of pictures!! We haven't seen any downloads lately - I guess that is because of crummy Rome :(

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Dad said...

any new pic for the old folks back home? love dad

7:17 PM  

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