Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well i made it home alright ! the flight was good and the layover in Frankfurt was no big deal ! Both Aud and I came home to see our parents waiting for us, and i got a little surpise! my boyfriend came with my parents ! its been almost a week since we left Greece and boy do we both miss it. it really makes our everyday lives seem so boring. i'm still jet lagged, i get really tired around 3ish and i want to sleep , but i don't. Aud and i are already planning our next trip, hopping maybe next summer and maybe our boyfriends will be tagging along with us. I posted more pictures up and i got a shutterfly account, where all of the pictures will be at. the webshots site i only choose some picture to go on that one while i was there. once i'm done loading them all up i'll post the site .once i post the site that should be my last post for a while, as i'm keeping this blog only for traveling. I will however start a college life blog. i will make sure to give your all the address for that one as soon as I can.


Anonymous Francine Kahler said...

Thanks for the journey, it brought back some good memories of my days in Europe, I loved it.

4:40 PM  

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