Tuesday, June 13, 2006

we made it to Athens

alright guys we made it to Athens ! and its a dump ! woot woot . hehe well our hotel room is great ! our beds not so much. i'm really getting home sick but i think thats manly because im sick and crampy. i miss my family, my boyfriend, and my cat ! we arnt doing to much tonight , just eatting dinner and then going out onto a walk around athens. tomorrow we have the tours of athens and then we are going to try and get to bed early tomorrow night. we have to get up and be out by 3 ! boo. well we are going to head back to the hotel and then go out


Anonymous Stacey said...

We miss you too!!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous stacey said...

Is it really a dump?

6:54 AM  

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