Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pictures of us in london that up there is the site to go see our pictures of us in England. They are labled as such, aud pictures of london and sam pictures of london. the other one has two pictures of me in london a year ago. enjoy !

ready to go to bed but ...

I'm so tired after today ! but aud and i had a bunch of fun. i do plan on posting some pictures for all of you to see. all day i was thinknig boy i'm going to post a long post but now i'm so tired that i don't want to :) so aud and i had a very long day. out day started our with a bus tour by going to st paul's and then around the city and then it ended at the queens pad. then aud and i got on the tube and rode it to the pixar thing i've been talking about. it was on £7 for us ( which we thought it was going to be £9 but we are students !) so that was soooo cool , and ever aud enjoyed alot more then she thought she would. there was thing toy story thing where it was a wheel and you saw you know woody and buz and the aliens all sculpted out many things , each one doing somethnig a little different , like a flip book. then the wheel would start turning and you would see them move but then it got really fast to the point you couldn't see them. but then the stobe light started and what that did was show each one in its place doing the whole flip book thing, it was crazy i sdon't even know how to discribe it but it was great ! there were a whole bunch of really cool things there as well, by far one of the coolest things i've seen. i got some neat things from there as well, even something for my sister that i will give her if she agrees to let me use it as well :) after that we went to the tate modern, which we eneded to spend like 2 hours at looking at a bunch of art, that was ok, aud enjoyed more then i did i think. after that we went to the globe and it was close though, so we ended our day at a pub, since we didn't get to go to one last night. she got fish and chips and a beer and i got bangers and mash and a beer. it was really good but the conversation was better. we chatted our heads off ! all in all it was great day ! we also found a tea place which i was worried we wouldn't find one. one thing we didn't find were stamps. i worte out post cards but i'm not gonig to be able to send them till i get to pairs oh well so tomorrow we are leaving for paris ! we have to get up by like 6 am and be out by 7:30 !! we are taking a 9:15 train over to paris which puts us getting there around 1 and into our hotel around 2 ! i can't wait to go but i really don't want to leave england :( we have had great weather over here and its so much fun ! ok well i'm going to pos tmy pictures on my other site and once those are done i'm going to post the site on here for you all to look. i got aud's memory card as well so your going to have lots of pictures to look at !

With a full belly we start our day!

So Aud and I decided to stop by the internet cafe' before we started our day of full fun ! we found out last night that we have a leaky bathroom. it seems that water is coming out of our ceiling light, so we can't turn on the light. we told the front desk but honestly i don't think they can do anything about it. i just hope that the ceiling doesn't come down on us. We both slept very well in our beds, considering how tired we were we both slept like logs. we today on our big planned out day we have a bus tour around London and then we plan on going to the globe and seeing the pixar thing today. So all of you who commented we havn't seen it yet. i sure hope we find the time to ! I'm running out of cash fast so i might have to use a ATM for a little cash, most places only take cash in city which is really really odd to me. most of the places that do take card you must be spending at least 10 pounds or more to use it. i forgot to add the little comment about the veggie guy at the airport. aud and i saw the crazyest thing and that was they were going through peoples bag and there was one whole suitcase filled with loose veggies, like carrots , lettuce, and other random veggies. it was kinda gross in that one they were all loose and it looked like the mother load of house salads and two the fact that the smell want so rank ! so yea i just wanted to share that little story with you all ! alright well i'll make sure to post more later. have a great day you sleeply heads!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

48 hours of no sleep later...

Yes thats right folks i havn't slept in 48 hours. i never got any sleep on the plane, but thats mainly because i was distracted by all the movies to choose from on the flight. we each hah our own screen to watch 9 different movies !! Aud slepted for about 2 hours on the plane, she was lucky. So today we ended up having to get a tube pass to go to dinner, which were really good hamburgers ! so aud and i ended up just seeing the sights , big ben , parlament, westminster abby , covent garden, and piccadilly. then we ended the day with chocolate cake and tea :) i'm a little worried that i might not be able to send the post cards from here as its very hard to find a place to buy stamps and not only that but to buy a phone card, i might just wait till france to get the phone card anyways. its hard to believe that we are in england ! everything seems so normal here, almost like we are still in the states. The hotel that we are in is , ok , not the greatest, it looked better in the pictures but the bed is kinda way to soft and the pillows really stink ! We tomorrow we are planed to go on a bus tour of the city and then we are free to do whatever we want. Aud wants to go to the globe and to a service at westminster abby. there really is much that i want to do , i want to buy stamps ! i'm happy to report that there is a cyber cafe right across my hotel , as i can't seem to get the PSP to pick up much of anything in the area\9 everything is password protected ! ) i lvoe london , i think i could live here ! if only there didnt have to be a plane ride to get here, the plane right was really really bumpy and it was making me sick, sad part is i have to get on two more planes to get back home :( maybe i'll just stay here. I'm taking alot of pictures and i will plan to start uploading them to my webshots account ( which i will share with you all once i get the pictures up and running for everyone to see \0 i brought my picture uploader with me . ok well much love to all i'm going to bed as its 10:30 pm here chow !

London Calling

Well we made it to London alright ! After a rough overnight flight, which dinner and breakfest were provided :) , we landed safely in London. It took us no time to find our giude either which made us very happy. All is well in London is still the same, one thing though we went to a my first pub from the last time i came only to see them taking down the sign and putting a new one up :( how sad. we have already found a bunch of funny postcards to send out so beware ! hehe. so not much is going to happen today. we will meet back up with our group for dinner and other then that we have a free day today. we will prolly go out to a pub or something at night and then go back and sleep. tomorrow we are having a giuded tour of London to visit all the sites and then after all of that we have free time, were i think we are going to go see some art work and go to the pixar thing. Alright well really not much has happned yet so lets me make something happen so i can post most news when it happens ! Cheers !

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just to Remind !!

Just to remind all of you i will be leaving on the 29th of May which happens to be in 6 days ! yay , so i'll make sure to be sending most of you updates and all but the most updates will be made on this site. This is going to be a personal journal that i will try to write in everyday i'm in Europe , just as long as there is a internet bar or something to go to !